When to renovate?

Spring and Summer is the time for renovations. With the beginning of spring we start renovating and decluttering our homes.

Why renovate in spring and summer, and what are the mistakes to avoid?

Repairs are most popular in the spring/summer. In winter, it is difficult to conduct any renovation and construction work, the main obstacle being the weather. Because of high humidity and low temperatures during the winter period, it is advisable to not even paint walls. When wallpapering in the winter, due to artificial heating it will be exposed to becoming easily detached. Pros for renovating in the spring/summer seasons include longer days, thus lengthening the time in which work can be carried out. It is not the best idea to work after dark when visibility is weaker, and daylight is replaced by artificial lighting. In order to not regret any omissions or errors, it is better to wait until morning to continue the work. Ultimately, a renovation is a major investment, so it is better not to take the risk!

Home renovation – where to start?

Before starting repairs, you need to first think about the scale of the works to be done and what financial resources you have. This will help you later to prepare a plan and estimate the expenses. It is also important to figure out whether you will renovate yourself or use the services of professionals. There is no doubt that the use of professional assistance is associated with additional costs, but in this case, financial considerations may not be the most important criterion when making a choice. It all depends on how advanced the work we want to do is, and how we can cope without the help of a skilled team. When it comes to painting the walls you can do it yourself, but much more advanced work may be too complicated. In this case, it is much better to enlist the help of experts, and then, in the case of failure, it will not generate additional costs.

What do you need to remember?

One of the first questions we ask ourselves before the renovation is the cost. It depends on how large the renovation is, what material you will use and who will perform it: yourself or with the help of a professional team,
Before you make any changes, it is worth considering what your expectations are and carefully plan the work.
A good idea is to leave your home for the renovation period. In this way, you will avoid rubble and dust. Also, pack all unnecessary items and those that are extremely valuable to you. During the repair, things can be damaged, so it is better not to take the risk and move them to a safe place instead.

The next step is the selection of appropriate building materials. The end result also depends on them, and therefore they are not worth underestimating. If the repair includes a kitchen and a bathroom, you need to pay special attention to the paint. As you know, these areas are the most vulnerable to moisture and dirt, so you should invest in a special paint that is resistant to both of these factors. One of the most common mistakes is placing visual issues over practicality. Of course, the final result must correspond to our expectations but first, consider the functionality.

To be able to enjoy the final result be sure to implement a well-planned renovation.

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