Samsung The Frame

Samsung Electronics recently unveiled in a new TV in Paris. Built within a frame, the screen looks like an art object. This TV ceases to be an ‘embarrassing subject’ that has to be placed somewhere, and instead becomes an integral part of the interior arrangement.
There is a TV in almost every home. Often it is in the centre of the living room. However, after switching it off a black screen is more like a black hole, toward which are directed almost all the furniture.  Samsung decided to change our thinking about the TV inside our rooms, and proposed an innovative TV feature called The Frame. It was developed in collaboration with the Swiss designer, Yves Behar.

“In smaller homes and apartments when the TV is turned off, a black rectangle occupies valuable space. […] Instead of designing a product that comes alive only when watching TV, we started thinking about the display, which every day offers new inspiration. What if the TV disappears in interior decoration when not in use?” Behar said at the Paris premiere.
The Swiss designer offered a TV mounted to the wall along with the frame. The frame is available in many colours and materials, which can be wooden or metal. It can even be painted in any pattern. Thanks to this simple treatment the television turned into a decorative object. However, that’s not the end.

TV Frame adorns even when it is turned off. With the mode “Art Mode”, instead of a black screen it displays a user-selected image. Special sensors adjust the screen brightness to the surroundings, so that it does not differ from anything hanging beside it. The graphics can be chosen from a specially created gallery.
Samsung has teamed up with many renowned artists who have made their work available to the virtual gallery exclusively for a Frame television. Among them are Luis Lambri, Barry McGee and Todd Eberle. Their works have been scanned and made available in the gallery, offering the highest possible quality.

All of this means that the frame is changing the way we think about television by adding value to the interior design, regardless of whether it is on or not. A wide range of frames allows it to fit easily in the interior of your home. On the other hand, access to the work of contemporary artists will help it to become an important element of your home or art gallery, accessible only for owners of these televisions. Frame can be proudly exhibited on the wall. It seems that through it, Samsung has set a new direction in the design of televisions.

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