Modular Houses – Why Modular Houses Are Going to Be the Biggest Trend in 2018!

If there is one thing that is constant – it changes! We witnessed a huge revolution in the way we communicate and do business, thanks to the internet – Nobody believed it when it happened. It was just like a storm. Now, something else is happening – a quiet revolution is going on under your nose and you might not be aware of it yet. This time around, it is not in business but on the way we use to live.

People are increasingly getting bored of traditional construction. Of course, there is a good reason for that – Most traditional constructions are not energy-saving and they cost a lot of money to maintain. Fortunately, these types of houses are being replaced by Danish-style houses. It is everything your old traditional house isn’t. But that’s not all. This type of homes can be ordered and delivered at your chosen site. They are known as modular houses and they are going to be the biggest trend in 2018.


The great thing about modular houses is you can have yours constructed based on your own preferences. Fortunately, there are many companies in the European market that can make your dream modular house come alive. All modular houses retain the same characteristics of simplicity and taste. The skeletal construction of modular houses is mobile and can be delivered anywhere in Europe or the United States.

Patrick Bradley Architects

Patrick Bradley Architects

One of the best parts of modular houses is prefabrication; this ensures high-quality work and leads to a significant reduction in construction costs. Additionally, timbers used for the construction of modular houses come from certified suppliers and a minimal waste is created during the construction process.

By making use of construction and transport services, you won’t be bothered with the construction of your house. You only need to make a selection of the type of the house that you want. Your house will be delivered and installed at the location you have chosen within three days after the completion of the construction.

The great thing about modular houses is that you can always expand them. You can expand it by combining several models of houses with each other to obtain additional surface.


Modular houses come in various sizes, the smallest size, which has an area of 24 m2 is perfect for two people. It comes with a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Externally, it has a dimension of 4 by 6 meters.

Does a modular house sound like something you would like?

These houses are great money-saver. If you are looking for a simple life where you can be able to save money and enjoy peace of mind, you should consider getting one of these all-year-round houses!


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