Make Your Living Room Alluring and Inviting With These Lighting Tips

The living room is the single most important room in the entire house. This particular room represents YOU. Your living room says a lot about you and your lifestyle. It is your opportunity to create the type of impression that you will want any visitor to have about you. Perhaps, this is the reason why most people want their living room to look phenomenal and unique. As an experienced interior design firm, our job includes making your dream living room come true with the latest interior design trends. Our team will plan every detail to make that final result captivating, alluring, and inviting.

When it comes to making your dream living room come true, it is important you select your lighting carefully. In fact, your lighting is one the elements that will influence the mood and the coziness of not just your interior but the functionality of your living room. To make your living room stand out, you need a touch of modernity and creativity!

Some Factors To Consider When Choosing Lighting For Your Living Room includes:
  • Your Design Style/Aesthetics

    When you select your lighting carefully, you will not only be able to emphasize the qualities of your interior design but you can as well hide some shortcomings in your design. This means that when you are selecting your lighting, you need to pay serious attention to your design style, aesthetic frame, shape, material, and colour of your light sources. Your lighting will largely depend on the design style you have in your room. Most often, you will get a great result in your interior décor when you make a combination of classical and modernist lighting.

    Tonin Casa RIVALTO | Floor lamp
  • Uniform Illumination of Your Living Room

    You need lamps that will illuminate your entire room uniformly. Ideally, you can achieve this when you choose spotlights, LED strips or chandeliers. The distribution of light on the ceiling is the best solution to ensuring that your room is illuminated evenly. However, it is not always every time that this design will match the style of your room. You may need an experienced designer to help you figure the best place to place your lighting in order to ensure even and uniform illumination of your room.

    Le Deun Luminaires ULTRA8
  • Decoration Point

    The most common solution is a central, large chandelier. It is an ornament in itself and comes in stunning designs and styles that will add beauty to your space. However, you should always have it in mind that not every model of chandelier gives light in every direction. Thus, you need to select a chandelier that can illuminate your room evenly like I mentioned above.


    Vibia PALMA | Table lamp
  • Lighting For TV and Relaxation

    Another thing to consider is the lighting you need when you want to relax or simply watch your favourite TV shows in the living room. In this situation, ceiling lights can be irritating and downright uncomfortable. You will probably be more comfortable with sconces, table lamp or floor lamp. These lightings give a gentler light and will not disturb you. They are exactly what you need to create the right atmosphere in your room.

  • Lighting For Reading

    Most of us enjoy a light reading in a chair in the living room. The perfect lighting for this situation is a wall lamp or a table lamp placed on a table on the side of the chair. You can as well mount a light bulb with more lumens. Surely, you can use these lightings without your eyes getting tired easily.

    Woodendot KA LAMP XL Reading direct light beech floor lamp
  • Wall Lighting

    Your decoration style or your personal preference may require that you light up the walls, wall decors or paintings on the wall. The LED strips and point sconces are the perfect lightings for this purpose. A beautifully-lit photo gallery or shelf on a bookcase will add depth and a bit of drama to your design. It will create a home-like atmosphere in your living room.

    sygns DREAMS
  • Colour Temperature

    The colour of lighting can be confusing to most people. In fact, this is one of the most-debated topics since most people have their own preferences. However, it is recommended that warm colours are perfect for relaxation since they create a calming effect and relaxed atmosphere. Thus, they are perfect for your home. On the other hand, cooler lightings are perfect for your office since this type of lighting will help you stay focused and upbeat



    Karman Karman CUBANO Ceramic wall light
    How To Distinguish The Lightning Colour

    Shopping for the perfect lighting colour can be a challenge especially when you are not making use of an experienced interior designer. To know the bulb that will be perfect for your interior, I will recommend that you pay attention to the markings on the packaging. Ideally, light bulb packaging with a temperature of more than 5,300 Kelvin will give you cool lighting while those below 3,300 Kelvin have a warm light.

    You probably need to mount a large number of lights sources in your living room as a result of a number of activities done in this room. Ensure that your light sources can be switched on/off separately. This will make it easier to control the lightings in your living room. Finally, don’t forget that every part of your living room needs appropriate lighting. You need to figure out the best lighting for different parts of your living room. Fortunately, this is what an experienced interior designer can help you achieve easily.

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