How Easy To Transform Your Old Walls With Wall Panelling?

Whether you are using a classic or modern design for your interior, you can greatly improve it with wall panelling and give it a unique style, character, and elegance.  Paneling will instantly transform your old wall, make it look attractive again, and even warm up your room’s atmosphere.

Where Can You Use Boiserie?

That’s where it gets interesting …… The unique nature of boiserie makes it perfect for all your rooms and walls.  You can use them in any room you want whether it is your living room, dining room, bedroom, and even your office. They come with several finishes ranging from wood, metal, stone, leather, glass, and lacquer which makes them adapts easily with extreme delicacy to the finishing of the panels. The innovative production technology of boiserie allows for an absolute original finishing of the walls.

Many companies such as Linvisibile,  Garofoli, Barausse proposed a new idea for boiserie flush-to-the-wall door. The exclusive “skin” system makes it possible to coat with the only 3mm of thickness. This will greatly improve your walls and make your door furnish with elegance. You will notice an instant transformation of your living environment once you have boiserie in place. Doors with boiserie can hide alcoves, interiors, home bar, library rooms, and many more.

What is Paneling Made of?

Paneling is a made of various materials. Most often, they are usually made from woods such as oak wood. However, you can easily find panels that are made of polystyrene, plywood, PVC, MDF board which is veneered board with precious wood or carpentry board coated with varnish in various colours.


The assembly of panelling is relatively easy because it consists in laying ready panels on the wall and fixing them in any chosen way.


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