Our Approach

OLILI DESIGN is built on solid foundation of knowledge. Our team is committed to understanding and meeting your evolving needs to leverage your physical space into an asset rather than an expense.

Our results have been achieved through the successful promotion of the teamwork concept among everyone involved in the projects.

Our Story

We are brother and sister who like to think out of the box, who have millions of ideas and love what they do. Two very easy going people who help others change their life by changing their surrounding.

We believe that cosy and comfortable home design can:

  • ┬áde-stress after long day a work
  • boost happines
  • clear your head and minds
  • strengthen family relations
  • de-clutter space

Meet the Team

The life of these two people is mended around different interiors. Every customer is an inspiration to them, because everyone sees the world differently. Their motto is BE CREATIVE AND NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!


Lucas Sudol

Engineer & Furniture Designer


Marta Sudol

Interior Designer & 3D Visualiser

Transforming spaces. Transforming Lives...

''Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.'' - Nate Berkus