9 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Own Space.

It is normal to make few mistakes the first time you are arranging your home. Unfortunately, some of these mistakes can cost you deeply. You need to pay attention to details when you are arranging your home. Below, we’ve listed some points to help you avoid these mistakes and achieve a desirable result:

1. Inconsistent Style 

The first thing you need to do is to determine the style that appeals to you and the overall look that you want to achieve in your rooms. You need to have a theme. Once you figure out the style and the theme you want, you should go ahead to choose floors, furniture, and lighting that will help you achieve this style and theme.


2. Do Not Duplicate Solutions From Catalogues

One mistake most people make is trying to duplicate what they see in interior design catalogs. You should note that the design of each room is based on its functionality. These interior design catalogs are done with special touches from photographers and graphic designers. This means that they are different compared to real life. When you want to design your room, think of how your family works and the kind of feeling you want to achieve in your home. Even if you like the design in the catalog, you should focus on creating a design that will serve “you” primarily.

3. Too Intense And Dark Colours

You need to pay careful attention when you are choosing colors. You may like a certain color in your shirt or dress but that doesn’t mean it will look great on your walls. Most people usually fall into the temptation of choosing an intense color. You should keep in mind that what you see on a tiny sampler may not necessarily work in a larger format.

Avoid choosing a color with a very dark shade. Every color, when applied to a wall, is ultimately a halftone darker. Your home will feel better when you have the same color throughout your rooms than having a different color in every room. If you don’t know how to choose colors, I will recommend that you stick to neutral walls, which will serve as a background for your furniture but won’t play a central role in the overall arrangement. However, if you must have an intense color on your wall, choose only one wall such as your corridor or bathroom.

4. Too Small Carpet

This mistake is common among people with small sized rooms. When most people find themselves in this type of room, there is always a tendency to minimize every piece of equipment – a smaller sofa, wardrobe, fridge, etc. However, it is a mistake to choose to go with smaller carpet. This will negatively affect the room’s appearance. This is because it creates poor appearance with disturbed proportions. You can avoid this effect by making sure that the sofa carpet is at least the same size with the width of the sofa.

5. Furniture Against The Walls

There is no explanation as for why we tend to put furniture against the wall. This usually leads to a blank middle spot that does not serve any purpose. A commonly seen arrangement of a living room is large TV and sofas pushed to the other end of the interior. This way we want to achieve interior of “home cinema”. Unfortunately, this arrangement makes it hard to fit other items. Avoid placing the furniture against the wall, bring them forward and place your shelves against the wall. Instead of big TVs, use smaller ones, this allows you to have a social life in the center of your room. You can always go out to the cinema.

6. Poorly Hung Pictures

Hanging images too high is a common mistake not only in small interiors. They disrupt proportions and introduce a kind of clutter. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for this. Pictures should be hung at eye level of an adult human. The general rule is that the center of the picture should be at a height of 150 – 160 cm from the floor.

7. Unsighted Lighting

When we are thinking about lighting, most people usually focus on the choice of lamps, completely ignoring that we should first think how we use various parts of the house. In most cases, we end up putting just one ceiling lamp and maybe one side lamp in each room. Before choosing your lighting, you need to think how you use each room. If you have a table in your room, you can decide to put a lamp over it to make the room look pleasant and create a family atmosphere. You can also achieve this by adding lighting to the bookshelves or backlight to your family photo gallery on the wall. Choosing your lighting this way will make your interior feel cosy and inviting.

8. Underestimation Of Accessorizing

Do not forget to get important accessories that play a huge role in your arrangement. Some of these accessories will make your home feel cozy, attractive, and comfortable.  You can achieve this by having paintings or graphics on your walls. If you don’t know what type of painting to get, you can simply go with your family photos. Of course, these photos don’t have to be of the same size. You can select various sizes and frames. Also remember to accessorize with lots of plants, fresh flowers in a vase, evening lighting candles, magazines, newspapers, books, and a few pillow to make your room stand out. Always try and keep it minimal instead of overdoing it. Your room will become crowded when you place too many additional items.

9. Remember Who You Are Installing The Rooms For

Finally, remember that you are designing your home for “You” and not for your friends, neighbors, or for the latest fashion. Your home is supposed to be a place where you come home to relax and be happy. Make it look nice, functional, and able to meet your own needs first.

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