Why 3D Visualisation Has Change Interior Design Market?

Visualization is graphic images of a project provided by the interior designer or architect. It involves a designer preparing a detailed three-dimensional building model and using series of high-quality images to give a client a glimpse of the final project. As a result, you can know exactly how your “investment” will turn out, even when it is still in the design phase. Amazingly, these visualizations are almost the same as the photos of finished buildings. With modern programs, experienced designers can achieve photorealistic effects and give you a glimpse of the finished project. In some cases, only a trained eye will be able to spot that the image was computer generated and is not a real photo. What this means, is that the quality of visualization is so high that the client is able to know exactly how the project will turn out. He can see the façade, the structure of materials and even asses the building in the context of the environment.

Things were much different 12 years ago. A client meeting would consist of various hand-drawn and coloured renderings of the plan for the interior composition. To establish a palette both the designer and the client will be happy with, the material samples are usually looked at and laid adjacent to one another. Of course, anyone who has experienced this process knows how “excruciating” and “time-consuming” it can be. Sadly, at the end of the presentation, a client will still go home with just a guess of what the final product will look like, thereby putting his trust and faith in the designer to do their job and do it well.

The fact is, there is nothing wrong with this approach if you still like the old ways of doing things. But if you are looking for a clearer picture of the project you are about to embark on, using a computer technology will give you much value and provide you exactly what you are looking for. It takes out the guesswork and gives a client the exact picture of the final work. This makes clients more comfortable, more trusting, and consequently more willing to get out of the way and let you (the designer) do your job.

The textures, the lighting, the depth of field, the furniture, the outlets, the glazing – everything you’d hope to see in the crisp clean transformation of your boring old living room is presented in perfect clarity

Don’t like the flower print tiles in your bathroom? Swap it out for a modern look in the blink of an eye. Changes can be seen almost instantaneously, which turns an unproductive 6-hour meeting into a productive 1-hour meeting.

What visualizations can you order?
  • Visualization of individual buildings
  • Models of entire settlements
  • Interior visualizations
  • Apartment projections

With visualization, you can see the view of the property both from the inside and the outside. It ensures that nothing stands in the way of showing a building from a bird’s eye view, a street view or furnished flat. Visualizations can, for example, present a finished building against the background of previously taken photographs of the surroundings. Alternatively, a virtual background designed by a graphics designer can be used as the background. If for instances, the objective of visualization is to attract buyers for the project, a presentation of the building against the sun, green forest, or charming small-town can increase the attractiveness of the product massively. A virtual background is a great solution especially when there is a plan to develop or make significant changes to the surroundings in the near future. In this situation, visualization can be used to represent the building against the background of the planned buildings.

Start Selling Before You Even Complete the Project

With visualizations, you can begin real estate marketing even before the buildings are ready. A designer will be able to give a visual impression of the property based on a design and a detailed description. This design can be shown to any client to have a glimpse of the future apartments, offices, warehouses, or halls. Thanks to visualizations, a client is able to appreciate the project more and you will have more chances of selling or attracting renters.

Image Is The Key To Effective Marketing

Good visualization is important because it can be used for marketing activities. You don’t need to complete a project before you start marketing; visualization allows you to replace the photos in all advertising materials. Refined graphics and interesting shots produced by visualization look stunningly beautiful on leaflets, in folders, on billboards, posters, and on any website. Note that modern marketing is based on the use of high-quality images. Take a look at ads around you; you will notice that most of them consist of short texts and large suggestive graphics. This is not a coincidence – it is the latest trend in marketing. Images work on the customer much stronger than the description itself. This is why you certainly need to use visualization in all your advertising materials to significantly raise interest in the investment.


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